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Adagio From Spartacus (Aram Khachaturian)beautiful, dance, music08:42
Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn From Kidschildren, inspiration, Ted talks10:45
A Food Forest Gardenfood forest, permaculture15:53
A Fukuoka Inspired Permaculture Gardenpermaculture19:54
A Garden Of Eden In Hellinspiration, motivation12:23
A Good Day With Brother David Steindl-Rastgratitude, inspiration, wisdom05:32
AirPod, A Car That Runs On Airecology, economy, environment, inspiration04:58
A Knock At The Doorinspiration05:02
Alain Forget: How To Get Out Of This World Aliveawakening, oneness, psychology, spirituality1:00:03
Alberto Villoldo: Munay-Kiindigenous people, spirituality, the new earth1:26:55
Alex Steffen: A Sustainable Futureecology, inspiration, society, sustainability, Ted talks, transition18:13
Allan Hunter: Synchronicitiesinspiration, Lilou Mace39:09
A Little Princessmovies02:03
American Autumn: An Occudoc (Full Movie)empowerment, occupy, transition1:15:35
Amishdocumentary, people, religion3:01:23
A Movement Of Consciousnessinspiration, oneness02:38
Ananta: Pure Presence With Anantaenlightenment, self realization, spirituality49:02
Ananta: Waking Up To Your Essenceinspiration, self realization53:59
Andrew Harvey: Sacred Activismawakening, Lilou Mace30:59
A New Dreamdreams, motivation, love, inspiration, peace09:44
Angels Still Don't Play This HAARPconspiracy, documentary, new world order1:19:47
Anima Mundibeautiful, earth, movies, nature29:12
Anita Moorjani: Near Death Experiencedeath, Lilou Mace, oneness, spirituality46:40
Annette Larkins: Ageless Woman At 70 Years Oldfood, health, inspiration, remarkable stories09:59
Akiane Kramarik: Spiritual Young Artistchild prodigy, indigo child, art03:22
American Idol 10: Chris Medina Auditionheroes, love, music04:58
Angel Alove04:49
Arthur's Inspirational Transformationinspiration, motivation, remarkable stories04:55
Ashes And Snowanimals, art, movies01:02:22
Atamai Villageecovillage, off the grid, self sufficiency, sustainability, the new earth07:47
Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligencechildren, education09:53
Autumn de Forest: Young Artistchild prodigy, art10:01
Awakening2012, awakening, inspiration, the shift09:59
A Warm Embrace - Our Deepest Fearinspiration03:07
Ayako Sekino: Vision For A New Earthawakening, spirituality, the new earth, the shift1:25:12


Baby Jamie Reviveslove, miracle06:13
Back To Edengardening, permaculture03:26
Bamboo Living: Green Home Made With Bambooecology, green housing03:19
Banksters Economy vs Sustainable Economyeconomy, money02:43
Barakaearth, humanity, movies, people1:36:37
Bastoy Island: A Liberal Prison Systemcommunity, humanity, inspiration05:04
Benjamin Smythe, Interviewed By Teresa Arrietainspiration34:30
Benjamin Zander: Classical Music With Shining Eyesmusic, Ted talks20:44
Ben Underwood: The Boy Who Sees Without Eyesdocumentary, motivation, remarkable stories47:37
Best Motivation Video Everinspiration, motivation01:17
Bill Hicks: It's Just A Rideinspiration03:14
Biomimicry: Ask Natur What Worksinspiration, nature, science02:03
Birke Baehr: What's Wrong With Our Food Systemfood, health, inspiration, Ted talks05:22
Birth As We Know Itnatural birth10:04
Brad Lancaster: Rainwater Harvestingfarming, gardening, off the grid, permaculture, self sufficiency34:20
Brandon Bays: The Journey To The Journeyhealing, spirituality52:26
Breasts Not Bombscauses, inspiration, music, people06:37
Brendan Foster Diescourage, heroes, motivation, inspiration02:38
Brené Brown: The Power Of Vulnerabilityideas worth spreading, inspiration20:45
Brilliant Newfoundlander Invents The Solutionecology, green housing03:49
Bruce Lipton: Being A Cell Of Humanitybiology, Bruce Lipton, Lilou Mace56:51
Bruce Lipton: The Biology Of Conscious Parentingbiology01:58:15
Bruce Lipton: The New Biologybiology02:39:10
Bruce Lipton: The Power Of Consciousnessbiology, Bruce Lipton, science50:57
Buddha, The Movieenlightenment, religion, remarkable stories, wisdom1:53:08
Building A Roundhousegreen housing03:19
Burzynski The Movie: Cancer Is Serious Businesscancer, health, healing1:45:49


Caine's Cardboard Arcadechildren, feel good, inspiration10:58
Cancer Is Curable NOWcancer, food, healing, health1:54:02
Cancer: The Forbidden Curecancer, documentary, healing, health, medication1:32:47
Capitalism: A Love Story (Full Movie)documentary, economy, Michael Moore, political2:07:19
Carl & Ellie Married Lifelove, music04:29
Caroline Casey: Looking Past Limitsempowerment, feel good, inspiration, motivation, Ted talks19:18
Caroline Myss: Finding Your Light, Mystical Path & GraceLilou Mace, spirituality57:26
Change For A Dollarinspiration, movies10:06
Change The World By One Million V-Star Childrenmusic, peace04:48
Changing Education Paradigmseducation, ideas worth spreading, society11:41
Charlie Chaplin: Final Speechinspiration, movies04:52
Children Full Of Lifeeducation, inspiration40:06
Christian The Lion: Reunionanimals, music04:44
Cirque Du Soleil (Full Show HD)entertainment4:15:30
Cleansing With Karynfood, health1:55:17
Cob Buildingecology, green housing08:43
Cob Homesgreen housing07:36
Co-Creation - Heaven On Earthmovies09:37
Co-creation Of Do No Harm CommunitiesAnastasia, ecology, ecovillage24:48
Collapse (Full Movie)conspiracy, economy, politics, sustainability1:20:50
Contemplative Caredeath, spirituality15:56
Country Clean-up Project: Let's Do It 2008ecology, environment, remarkable stories05:00
Consuming Kids: The Commercialization Of Childhoodchildren, economy, society1:06:05
Creating Healthy Communities In The Twin Citiesfood, ideas worth spreading, transition07:23
CreationAnastasia, off the grid11:20
Crystal Waters Ecovillageecovillage, off the grid, permaculture, self sufficiency, sustainability19:02
Cultural Creatives: The (R)evolutionhumanity, the shift07:17
Cut Poison Burncancer, corperatism, documentary, health, medication02:33


Daniel Suelo: The Man Who Quit Moneyfreedom, inspiration, money, off the grid, remarkable stories18:23
Dan Millman: Peaceful Warrior WayDan Millman, inspiration, Lilou Mace, spirituality36:11
Dare To Be Boldempowerment, inspiration, motivation, Ted talks<07:08
David Attenborough: First Lifeanimals, biology, evolution, nature1:57:40
David Childerley: Occupy Yourselfawakening, David Childerley, inspiration, spirituality37:53
David Icke: It's The Ultimate Justiceawakening, David Icke, the shift23:29
David Icke On Bewusst TVawakening, conspiracy, David Icke, new world order, spirituality1:39:49
David Icke: Time To Flyconspiracy, David Icke, the shift14:47
David Icke: The Game Is Upawakening, David Icke, new world order, spirituality12:02
David Icke: The Lion Sleeps No Moreawakening, conspiracy, David Icke, freemason, hidden history, political6:47:13
David Icke: The Power Of Human Consciousnessawakening, consciousness, David Icke, the new earth10:41
David Wilcockascension, David Wilcock, spirituality, the shift20:41
David Wolfe: Vision Of Paradiseinspiration, visions of paradise06:48
Dear Womaninspiration, love08:23
Death By Doctorhealing, health, medication05:47
Deep Ocean Mysteries And Wondersanimals, beautiful, earth, nature08:28
Deprogramming Yourselfawakening, the shift09:24
Designing For Generosityeconomy, inspiration, remarkable stories, society, Ted talks, transition18:10
Dick Proenneke: Alone In The Wildernessinspiration, off the grid, remarkable stories, survival18:42
Diederik Wolsak: Choose Againhealing, Lilou Mace, spirituality23:25
Dirt ! The Moviedocumentary, environment01:20:24
DIY Home For Less Than 3500 $green housing06:22
Donna Summerentertainment, music40:04
Down The Rabbit Holemovies, science02:34:21
Dreaming A Sacred And Sustainable New Earthinspiration, the shift05:56
Dr. Hew Len: Ho'o Pono Ponohaling, self realization, spirituality1:17:22
Dr. Peter Fenwick: Consciousness And Dyingbiology, death, spirituality47:43
Drunvalo Melchizedek Sedona Interview2012, Lilou Mace, new age, the shift60:11


Eatingfood, health47:47
Earth 2.0 Initializationtechnology, the new earth15:00
Earthlingseducation, humanity01:35:28
Earthshipsecology, green housing11:06
Eckhart Tolle: A New EarthEckhart Tolle, meditation, spirituality15:39:38
Eckhart Tolle: Findhorn RetreatEckhart Tolle, enlightenment, spirituality03:53:06
Eckhart Tolle Meets Neale D. WalshEckhart Tolle, Neale D. Walsh, spirituality42:36
Eco Homes: Living The Good Lifeecology, green housing10:02
Eco Homes: Small Holdings In Walesecovillage, Lammas, off the grid10:17
Ecovillage Clufjordanecovillage06:49
Ecovillage Experiments Around The Worldecology, ecovillage, sustainability08:40
Eden Sky: We Are Living Prophecy201210:00
Edible City (Full Movie)corperatism, farming, food, sustainability1:11:11
Edible Wild Plants: Video Field Guidefood, plants, self sufficiency53:48
Ellen Gunter: Environment Crisisecology, environment, Lilou Mace27:35
Emily Bearchild prodigy, music04:20
Empowering Videolaw of attraction, inspiration06:55
Energy Healing Wolfanimals, healing05:50
Esoteric Agenda (Full Movie)2012, ascension, awakening, new world order2:03:55


Farmageddon (Full Movie)corperatism, farming, food, health1:26:21
Farming With Nature: Permaculture With Sepp Holzerecology, gardening, permaculture05:14
Farms For The Futureenvironment, permaculture48:38
Finca Bellavista: A Treehouse Communityecovillage, inspiration, off the grid, self sufficiency05:26
Fluoride: The Hard To Swallow Truthawakening, health21:15
Fight The New World Orderawakening, conspiracy, the shift27:09
First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architectureecology, ecovillage, green housing01:27:00
Food, Inccorperatism, farming, food, health1:33:54
Food Matterscancer, documentary, food, health, medication1:17:53
Four Fingered Pianistinspiration, motivation, remarkable stories09:59
Free Hugsfeel good, love03:39
Freetopiaeconomy, freedom, society19:46
From The Heart Of The Worlddocumentary, indigenous people53:26


Garbage Warriorearthship, green housing01:27:41
Gary Null: War On Healthcorperatism, drugs, food, health, new world order1:37:42
Gary Yourofsky: Best Speech You Will Ever Hearanimals, food, health1:10:22
Gary Zukav: How To Create Authentic PowerLilou Mace, spirituality45:06
Gay Hendricks: Be Happy With A Juicy LifeLilou Mace32:12
G. Edward Griffin: The Collectivist Conspiracyconspiracy, new world order1:24:55
Generation Waking Up: Igniting A Movementawakening, society, transition05:14
Generation WE: The Movement Begins...awakening, inspiration, society04:44
Genetically Modified Food - Panacea Or Poisondocumentary, food53:33
George Carlin: Saving The Planetearth, humour07:38
George Carlin: The American Dreamawakening, education, humour03:15
Get HappyAbraham-Hicks, affirmation, motivation03:55
Get Servicegratitude, inspiration04:24
Give Earth A Handbeautiful, earth, inspiration01:30
Global Ecovillage Networkecovillage, sustainability, the new earth09:24
Global Restoration: Vision For Occupy & Earthecovillage, the new earth, transition30:37
Göbleki Tepe: 12.000 Years Old Unexplained Structurehidden history, remarkable stories08:20
Graham Hancock & David Wilcock: Setting History FreeDavid Wilcock, hidden history, hidden secrets1:37:38
Grand Designs: Ben Lawgreen housing48:38
Great Message And You Will Be Surprised At The Teacherindigo child08:38
Gregg Braden: Love Healsbiology, Gregg Braden, healing, science14:39
Gregg Braden: The Divine MatrixGregg Braden, science43:46
Gregg Braden: The Science Of Miraclesbiology, education, Gregg Braden, science58:58
Grow Your Own Drugs With James Wongdrugs, healing, health, plants3:52:37
Guerilla Gardeningcommunity, gardening, heroes16:42
Gwen Olsen: Pharma Doesn't Want To Cure Youcorperatism, health, medication07:19


Hans Rosling: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutesinspiration04:48
Hemp Can Save The worlddocumentary, drugs, healing, music, plants4:24:34
Historic Flash Mob In Antwerp Train Stationdance, feel good, music04:15
Holographic Universebiology, documentary, inspiration, science, spirituality51:15
Homeeducation, environment01:58:25
Homegrown Revolution: Radical Change Taking Rootecology, gardening, inspiration10:00
Homeopathy: Medicine Or Magic?health29:32
Ho'o pono ponogratitude, healing, inspiration06:20
Hope For Pawsanimals, causes, inspiration08:11
Hope In A Changing Climatedocumentary, ecology, gardening, permaculture29:20
House Of Trashecology, green housing, off the grid09:07
How Cuba Survived Peak Oildocumentary, economy, empowerment, food, permaculture, political, society52:46
How Hollywood Says 'I Love You'love, movies03:54
How To Be A Gardener (BBC)gardening, plants3:52:47
How To Grow Shitake Mushroomsfood, gardening10:40
How To Let People Know You Love ThemAmanda Gore, humour, love09:53
How To Make Dye From Plantspermaculture, plants, self sufficiency28:26
How To Thrive Off The GridAnastasia, food, off the grid13:02
Hungry For Changecorperatism, documentary, food, health1:32:54


I Am Fisheadawakening, corperatism, health, psychology1:18:17
I Am Freeaffirmation, freedom, inspiration09:54
I Choose Lovemusic, inspiration06:30
I Feel...indigo child17:57
I Love You - Godinspiration, love04:17
Imagine A World Of Self-Lovelove02:29
Importance Of Gardening And Seedinggardening, Lilou Mace, the shift15:08
Indigenous Community Resilienceecology, indigenous people22:03
In Transition: The Movieecology, economy, transition49:39
Introduction To Permaculture Designpermaculture03:22
Investigation Into The Invisible World: Elves In Icelanddocumentary, paranormal1:25:18
Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined9/11, awakening, conspiracy, mind control, new world order2:14:01
It Only Takes A Girlcauses, education, inspiration04:09
It's Time To Wake Up: We Are All Oneenlightenment, oneness, science, spirituality16:49
I Was Heremusic04:34
I Will Be A Hummingbirdinspiration02:01


Jackie Evancho: Pie Jesu - America's Got Talent Top 10child prodigy, indigo child, music06:57
Jacob Liberman: Light, Vision Of The Heart And ConsciousnessLilou Mace, spirituality, wisdom50:04
Jacque Fresco: The Venus Projecteconomy, education, ideas worth spreading, society, transition2:24:47
James Redfield: The Twelfth Insight - The Hour Of Decisionawakening, Lilou Mace, the shift48:40
Jean Liedloff: Touch The Futureeducation, matriarchy14:58
Jeremy Rifkin: Can We Prevent The End Of The World In 50 yearshumanity27:20
Jessica Jackley: Poverty, Money And Lovehumanity, inspiration, love18:34
Jessica Schab: Living Our JoyAnastasia, Lilou Mace, spirituality51:53
Jessica's Daily Affirmationaffirmation00:50
Jill Bolte Taylor: How It Feels To Have A Strokehealing, inspiration, science18:42
Joe Dispenza: Waking Up To A New Earthawakening, biology, law of attraction, Lilou Mace36:22
John Hardy: My Green School Dreameducation, dreams, ecology, environment13:36
John Howe: Solar Inventionsgreen energy, inspiration, off the grid11:41
John Hunter: The World Peace Gameeducation, ideas worth spreading, inspiration20:28
John Rutter: Look At The Worldinspiration, music04:30
John Trudell: Portrait Of A Government Turning Against Its Citizensindigenous people, matriarchy, native American1:18:23
Julia Sweeney: Sex Education Monologueeducation, humour10:48
Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing Energy From The Gridgreen energy, Ted talks12:46


Ken Robinson: The Elementeducation, inspiration39:27
Kevin Richardson: Man With Lionsanimals07:11
Khan Academyeducation, ideas worth spreading, inspiration, Ted talks20:27
Kiesha Crowther: 2010awakening01:25:54
Kiesha Crowther: Message For 2011awakening25:46
Kiesha Crowther: One With Natureawakening01:12:06
Kiesha Crowther: Questions & Answersawakening19:17
Kiesha Crowther: Return Of The Ancestersawakening01:27:21
Kiesha Crowther: We Are All Divine Creatorsawakening04:33
Kindergarten In Naturechildren, education04:55
Kindness Boomerangfeel good, inspiration05:44
Kin's Domain & Kin's CommunityAnastasia, inspiration, self sufficiency, visions of paradise
Koa: Regain Your Authentic Freedomeducation, freedom, inspiration32:25
Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out Of Balanceart, movies1:25:54
Kristin Pedemonti: Bringing Joy To Everyday Momentsfeel good, inspiration, Ted talks05:35
Kseniya Simonova: Sand Animationart08:33
Kymatica (Full Movie)evolution, science1:23:57


Landward The Rock Dust Onegardening, permaculture07:22
Laughter Yoga In Berlinfeel good, humour02:59
Lawton's Guide To Permaculture Designgardening, permaculture34:52
Layne Dalfen: How To Analyze Your Dreamsdreams, Lilou Mace45:46
Leaf: The Power Of Medicinal Cannabiscancer, food, health, plants1:34:10
Let's Make Everything Freeawakening, causes, economy, empowerment, society, transition14:45
Let Your Life Be A Friction To Stop The Machineconspiracy, corperatism, hidden history, new world order22:52
Life After People - Complete Season Onedocumentary, earth, environment, history7:44:06
Life In A Daydocumentary, movies, people, society1:34:57
Life In Eco-VillageAnastasia, ecovillage04:09
Life Of Flowersbeautiful, nature02:29
Life's Supposed To Be FunAbraham - Hicks, inspiration, motivation03:46
Lilou's Tour Inspires Teens To Live Their Dreamsdreams, inspiration, Lilou Mace36:31
Living In Lightawakening, self realization03:50
Living In Synch With NatureAnastasia14:47
Living In The Future 01: Lammasecovillage, Lammas13:49
Living In The Future 02: Low Impact Villageecovillage, Lammas04:04
Living In The Future 03: Tinkers Bubbleecovillage, Lammas03:58
Living In The Future 04: Big Green Gatheringecovillage, Lammas05:34
Living In The Future 05: Spanish Sunseedecovillage, Lammas03:02
Living In The Future 06: The Village, Irelandecovillage, Lammas04:38
Living In The Future 07: Findhornecovillage, Lammas05:28
Living In The Future 08: CATecovillage, Lammas02:45
Living In The Future 09: Holtsfield And Beyondecovillage, Lammas10:29
Living In The Future 10: Permission To Planecovillage, Lammas04:48
Living In The Future 11: Land Matters In Devonecovillage, Lammas07:07
Living In The Future 12: The Applicationecovillage, Lammas07:46
Living In The Future 13: A Gathering Of Clansecovillage, Lammas08:00
Living In The Future 14: The Design Councilecovillage, Lammas10:50
Living In The Future 15: Rachel Shiamh's Strawbale Houseecovillage, Lammas03:49
Living In The Future 16: That Roundhouseecovillage, Lammas23:07
Living In The Future 17: Waking The Landecovillage, Lammas08:08
Living In The Future 18: The Trialecovillage, Lammas09:01
Living In The Future 19: Hooray !ecovillage, Lammas04:16
Living In The Future 20: Coed Hills Rural Artspaceecovillage, Lammas05:14
Living In The Future 21: Sundance Renewablesecovillage, Lammas04:59
Living In The Future 22: New Beginningsecovillage, Lammas06:07
Living In The Future 23: Steward Woodecovillage, Lammas05:49
Living In The Future 24: Building With Mudecovillage, green housing, Lammas04:31
Living In The Future 25: Sanfordecovillage, Lammas07:32
Living In The Future 26: Snowed Inecovillage, Lammas06:17
Living In The Future 27: Ffynone Woodsecology, Lammas06:14
Living In The Future 28: Open Houseecovillage, Lammas06:27
Living The Real Simple Lifeeducation, permaculture, remarkable stories08:06
Lloyd Kahn: The Whole Earth Cataloginspiration, self sufficiency16:34
Lord Of The Dance - Michael Flatleydance, entertainment, music5:16:07
Lost Generationinspiration01:44
Louie Schwartzberg: Gratitudebeautiful, inspiration, nature09:56
Louise Hay: You Can Heal Your Lifeaffirmation, healing, law of attraction, remarkable stories01:30:09
Love Everybodyinspiration05:00
Love Is Energy...Pass It Forwardinspiration, love03:06
Love Language: The Original Short Filmlove05:21
Love, Reality And The Time Of Transitionconspiracy, love, new age, transition1:17:30


Maika: Ascension To Loveawakening, Lilou Mace, spirituality, the shift34:02
Mali: Gift Economyeconomy, inspiration, matriarchy06:19
Manifesting The Mind (Full Movie)documentary, psychedelics, shamanism2:02:29
Marc Allen: From Poverty To Millionairelaw of attraction, Lilou Mace44:20
Marcia Schafer: Life Beyond 20122012, disclosure, extraterrestrial35:58
Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced Blueprints For Civilizationoff the grid, technology04:11
Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced Blueprints For Civilizationdo-it-yourself, ecology, ecovillage, farming, technology, Ted talks06:11
Marija Gimbutas: Signs Out Of Timedocumentary, history, matriarchy58:55
Mark Passio: What On Earth Is Happeningawakening, conspiracy, mind control, new world order10:53:41
Mary Rodwell: The New Humansdisclosure, indigo child01:52:35
Matt Cutts: Try Something New For 30 Daysinspiration, motivation, Ted talks03:28
Matt Kahn: Life As An Angelhealing, Lilou Mace, spirituality39:35
Maurice Béjartdance, music1:50:05
Medieval Spanish Ghost Town Becomes Ecovillageecovillage, off the grid, self sufficiency13:01
MedMob Movement: Gigantic Group Huginspiration, love, peace02:31
Meghalayas' Living Bridgebeautiful, earth, nature04:09
Michael Pawlyn: Using Natures Genius In Architecturebiology, nature, science16:56
Michael Reynolds: Earthship Webinarearthship, green energy, green housing, off the grid1:16:36
Michael Roads: Communication With Nature & True Abundanceawakening, inspiration, Lilou Mace, spirituality, wisdom44:18
Mike Adams: GMO Foods Alter Organ Functionsfood, health, plants13:38
Mike Adams: The God Withinconsciousness, cosmology, inspiration, science44:11
Mission: Paradise - Real Solutions For The Next Worldempowerment, visions of paradise1:15:57
Money & Lifeeconomy, humanity, money08:51
Money As Debteconomy, education47:08
Money As Debt ( Full Series)economy, money, new world order3:06:28
Mother Trees Connect The Forestearth, nature, plants04:41
Mr. Happy Maninspiration, love10:36
My Dinner With Andremovies05:11


Naitre Enchantéebeautiful, natural birth14:35
Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrinecorperatism, economy, hidden history, political2:52:16
Napoleon Hill: The Secret Law Of Consciousnesslaw of attraction, motivation02:06:03
Nassim Haramein: The Unified Fieldscience44:55
Native American Prophecynative american40:58
Nature By Numbersbeautiful, nature, sacred geometry03:44
Neale Donald Walsh: Break Free From Poverty & Hard TimesLilou Mace, Neale D. Walsh, remarkable stories57:08
Neale Donald Walsh Discusses The Emotion Of FearNeale D. Walsh, wisdom08:22
Near Death Experiencedeath08:45
Nick Vujicicheroes, motivation04:11
Nicola Tesla: The Greatest Inventor Of All Timeremarkable stories, science, technology2:54:43
No Dig Garden Constructiongardening, permaculture01:54
No Impact Mandocumentary, ecology, environment, transition1:31:45
Not Far From The Treefood, transition13:54
Now Is The Timeawakening, inspiration05:03


Occupy Wall St: The Revolution Is Loveawakening, economy, occupy04:50
Of Forests And Menbeautiful, environment, nature07:33
Off The Gridecology, off the grid01:07:24
Off The Grid (Alexander Oey)economy, off the grid, society1:00:27
Off The Grid, DIY, Smart Homegreen housing, off the grid, self sufficiency, sustainability23:31
One Person Can Make A Differenceinspiration, motivation04:37
One Red Paper Clipdreams, inspiration, law of attraction, remarkable stories08:22
Orgasm During Childbirthnatural birth07:59
Out Of The Bluedisclosure, documentary, extraterrestrial, science1:47:29
Overcome Fear Now2012, awakening, inspiration, love10:54


Pam Warhurst: How We Can Eat Our Landscapescommunity, food, inspiration, sustainability, Ted talks, transition13:22
Paradise Or Oblivioneconomy, environment, ideas worth spreading, society, technology48:13
Part Of The Solutiongreen housing, off the grid, self sufficiency09:28
Patch Adams: End Of Capitalism - Revolution Of Loveheroes, love, peace14:23
Paul Hawken: Blessed Unrest And WiserEarthawakening, the shift05:52
Paul Selig: Personal And Planetary Evolutionawakening, Lilou Mace, spirituality32:13
Paul Stametz: 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The Worldecology, gardening, permaculture18:18
Peace Pilgrim: An American Sageinspiration, love, peace, spirituality, wisdom1:02:02
Peach's Neet Feetchildren, heroes, inspiration03:49
Peak Oil: Understanding The Challenge And Looking Forwardeconomy, environment, green energy, permaculture, transition1:29:21
Penney Peirce: Raising Vibrations: Following Intuitions And DreamsLilou Mace, spirituality39:26
Permaculture Triogardening, permaculture48:06
Peter Janssen: Enlightened Multi MillionaireLilou Mace, meditation, spirituality1:07:43
Pixar Shortsentertainment, humour, movies44:31
Philip Zimbardo: How Can We Create More Heroes?heroes, ideas worth spreading, inspiration08:16
Phillippe Petit: Man On Wireinspiration, motivation, Ted talks21:19
Plastic To Oilecology, environment, technology05:09
Poor Americaeconomy, humanity, political, society29:13
Pre-school Kindnessfeel good, inspiration02:37
Project 10:10:10 - Pill Or Perceptionbiology, Bruce Lipton, documentary, education, healing, health, medication1:20:46
Pyramids Of Waste (Full Movie)corperatism, ecology, economy52:53


Rainbow Spirit - From The Heart Of The Firemusic1:41:22
Ram Giri: Living With An Opening The Heartenlightenment, Lilou Mace, spirituality42:33
Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreamsheroes, inspiration, motivation01:16:27
Reconnecting To Nature Through Spiritual PermacultureAnastasia, permaculture01:12:07
Reel Wisdominspiration, motivation, movies07:01
Regreening The Landscape With Fukuoka's Seed Ballsfarming, inspiration, permaculture06:33
Repurposing Plastic Beach Debriscauses, earth, ecology, environment, inspiration32:53
Richard Heinberg: The End Of Growthinspiration, off the grid, permaculture, self sufficiency, sustainability14:58
Richie Sowa: Man Made Islandinspiration, off the grid, self sufficiency07:52
Riding High On Lifeinspiration03:27
Rife Technology: A New Hopehealing, remarkable stories, science41:35
Robert Menard: Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deceptionfreedom, mind control, new world order3:18:12
Robert Williams: Near Death Experienceinspiration, Lilou Mace, spirituality38:24
Roger Doiron: A Subversive Plotfood, gardening, Ted talks18:48
Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Storyhealing, health, plants, remarkable stories58:01
Rupert Sheldrake: The Extended Mindbiology, psychology, science01:37:42


Sacred Economicsecology, economy, inspiration, money, sustainability, transition12:09
Samso: The Renewable Energy Islandecology, green energy, inspiration, sustainability, transition05:04
Saving The Bumblebeeanimals, environment, nature31:58
Sea The Truthanimals, documentary, ecology, nature1:00:18
Secrets In Plain Sightarchitecture, art, freemason, hidden history3:43:47
Seeing Through The Eyes Of Sourceabraham-hicks03:10
Sepp Holzer: Farming With Naturegardening, nature, permaculture37:10
Sepp Holzer: The Agro Rebelfarming, permaculture43:31
Seva Cafe: Love All, Serve Alleconomy, humanity, love04:02
Seven Habits Of Mindful Eatingfood, health, inspiration03:07
Seven Wonders Of The Worldinspiration, music03:52
Severn Suzuki Speechecology, inspiration06:49
Sharing Gardens: Giving And Receivingfood, gardening27:43
She's Alive...Beautiful...Finite...Hurting...Worth Dying Forearth, ecology, heroes04:59
Shots In The Dark: Silence On Vaccinehealth, medication1:30:06
Simple Solar Homesteadinggreen housing, off the grid, self sufficiency07:35
Simple Survival Model Earthshipearthship, ecology, green housing, off the grid34:19
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Daysfood, health1:31:02
Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativitychildren, education, humour20:04
Sobonfu Somé: Embracing Your Giftsempowerment, heroes, inspiration, matriarchy, motivation, society, wisdom22:19
Soldier Homecoming Surprise Mixfeel good10:03
Soldiers Waking Upawakening, new world order, political, war16:20
Sonia Choquette: Intuition & Manifestationaffirmation, empowerment, inspiration, law of attraction, Lilou Mace30:52
Sonia Choquette: Abundance, Intuition & Manifestationaffirmation, empowerment, inspiration, law of attraction, Lilou Mace47:42
Space Of LoveAnastasia49:16
Spanish Revolution (Muse - Uprising)awakening, freedom, humanity, music07:37
Spirit Science: Lessons 1 - 16Drunvalo Melchizedek, education, hidden history, new age, spirituality4:15:17
Spoildocumentary, environment, nature44:10
Stephen Brooks: Permaculture And The Quality Of Lifeoff the grid, permaculture, Ted talks18:10
Stephen Ritz: Green Bronx Machineeducation, feel good, food, gardening, ideas worth spreading, Ted talks13:43
Steve Keil: A Manifesto For Play, For Bulgaria And Beyondideas worth spreading, inspiration17:57
Steven Greercauses, disclosure, extraterrestrial04:23
Straw Bale Homesgreen housing, off the grid, self sufficiency33:05
Successeducation, inspiration03:46
Sugar - Aspartame - Steviaconspiracy, food, health, plants4:25:42
Sugar: The Bitter Truthfood, health01:29:28
Summerhill Schooleducation, movies01:39:45
Sung-Bong Choi: Korea's Got Talentinspiration, music, talent08:02
SunRay Kellygreen housing, off the grid, sustainability06:00
Supersize Your Vegetablesfood, gardening15:10
Sustainable Living Through Permaculture Systemspermaculture, self sufficiency45:33
Symphony Of Science: We Are All Connectedmusic, science04:12


Tan Hong Ming In Lovelove01:31
Tappedcorperatism, documentary, environment, food1:15:10
Team Hoyt: Dick And Rick Hoytheroes, inspiration, love10:00
Terrence McKenna: Nobody Is Smarter Than You Areinspiration, wisdom02:12
Thandie Newton: Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myselfinspiration, oneness13:56
The 10 Commandments Of The Native Americansindigenous people, inspiration, native American14:39
The 11-11-11 Eventoneness, the new earth, the shift01:32
The Awakening2012, awakening48:06
The Awakening (Full & Final Version)2012, awakening, spirituality1:05:52
The Beautiful Truthfood, healing01:23:55
The Beauty Of Pollinationbeautiful, nature04:24
The Blue Buddha: Lost Secrets Of Tibetan Medicinedocumentary, healing, medication, religion45:36
The Century Of The Self (BBC)corperatism, documentary, humanity, mind control, political, psychology3:54:31
The Collective Evolution I & IIawakening, documentary, the shift2:49:41
The Conscious Army: Love Is The New Religionawakening, inspiration, love, the shift04:46
The Coveanimals, causes, education05:00
The Cure For Cancercancer, health1:53:48
The DISE/Das DIES: The First Kin's Domain (Village) In GermanyAnastasia, ecovillage, inspiration, off the grid, self sufficiency, transition45:16
The Economics Of Happiness (Trailer)documentary, economy, humanity, transition03:25
The Eight Irresistible Principles Of Funinspiration, motivation05:11
The End Of Povertydocumentary, history, society1:44:34
The Fairy Faithnature, remarkable stories1:15:24
The Gentle Art Of Blessinghealing, inspiration, love05:51
The God Within: Exposing The False Philosophy Of Sciencescience, spirituality22:50
The Grand Rapids LipDubfeel good, music09:49
The Great Cullingconspiracy, health, new world order18:48
The Greater Gooddocumentary, health, medication, new world order, vaccination1:24:31
The Greatest Speech Ever Madeinspiration, movies03:38
The Green Beautifulawakening, movies1:29:28
The Heart Of Permaculturefood, gardening, permaculture, self sufficiency, sustainability1:05:31
The Illuminated Chakras By Anodea Juditheducation, spirituality28:05
The Independent Projecteducation15:06
The Indigo Evolutiondocumentary, indigo child, the shift1:09:15
The Kitchen Gardengardening, permaculture04:41
The Love Carpetinspiration, love03:22
The Love Policeeducation, freedom08:02
The Man Who Planted Treesheroes, inspiration, movies30:09
The Marketing Of Madness: Are We All Insane?health, medication2:57:10
The Meaning Of LifeAbraham-Hicks, inspiration, wisdom04:34
The Most Astounding Factcosmology, inspiration, sciense03:36
The New American Century (Full Movie)9/11, documentary, politics, war1:34:23
The Orion Conspiracyconspiracy, disclosure, hidden history, hidden secrets20:35
The Pyramid Codedocumentary, history, matriarchy, science, technology3:37:15
The Rainbow Familyfreedom, love, oneness39:38
The Rainbow Warriors2012, native american04:28
The RDNA Programeducation, permaculture, transition14:10
The Real Avatar: Mine - Story Of A Sacred Mountainecology, environment, heroes, inspiration, remarkable stories11:00
The Real Dirt On Farmer Johndocumentary, food, remarkable stories1:22:29
The Reality As You Know It Does Not Existscience10:05
The Revelation Of The Pyramidsdocumentary, history, science1:42:04
The Secret, Full Moviedocumentary, law of attraction, movies1:29:24
The Secret Is In The Soilfood, gardening18:17
The Secret Of Secrets2012, science08:55
The Secret Of Ozeconomy, money1:56:25
The Secret To You: A Gift From The Secret Scrollsaffirmation, inspiration, law of attraction02:36
The Solar Power Villageecology, ecovillage, green energy25:32
The Song Of The Earthdocumentary, music, nature49:24
The Story Of Bottled Waterecology, environment, the story of stuff08:04
The Story Of Brokeeconomy, the story of stuff08:07
The Story Of Cap Abd Tradeecology, economy, environment, the story of stuff09:56
The Story Of Citizens United Versus FECeconomy, the story of stuff08:51
The Story Of Changeeconomy, inspiration, society, the story of stuff, transition06:29
The Story Of Cosmeticsecology, economy, environment, the story of stuff08:18
The Story Of Electronicsecology, economy, environment, the story of stuff07:47
The Story Of Stuffecology, environment, the story of stuff21:16
The Teen Files: Surviving High Schoolchildren, education, inspiration16:43
The Temples Of Humankindart, beautiful04:58
The Unity Of Geometrysacred geometry10:18
The Universebeautiful, cosmology, science25:07
The Venus Projectecology, economy, humanity, society, technology37:59
The Wave Of Love2012, inspiration, love04:21
The Way Of The Warriorinspiration, motivation, native american05:16
The Wayseer Manifestoawakening, freedom, inspiration09:50
The Wombat (All Is One)inspiration, wisdom01:47
The Woodman's Cottagegreen housing, off the grid08:48
The World According To Monsanto (Full Movie)documentary, ecology, environment, food, plants1:49:02
This Secret Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon2012, awakening, humanity, the shift53:38
This Way Of Life (Full Movie)children, matriarchy, movies, off the grid, remarkable stories1:20:18
Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashedinspiration, Ted talks05:03
Thrivedocumentary, the new earth, the shift03:39
Thrive (Full Movie)awakening, conspiracy, money2:08:40
Thunderbolts Of The Godscosmology, documentary, evolution, myths, science1:13:43
Tibetan Book Of Deathdeath, documentary, religion1:32:52
Tippi Bridging The Gap To Afrikaanimals, education, environment02:32
Tom Kenyon: The Boy Who Sang To The Worldhealing, remarkable stories10:35
Tony And The Roundhousegreen housing01:58
Top Lit Updraft Wood Cook Stoveecology, off the grid, self sufficiency05:31
Torvill & Dean Perform Bolerodance, talent05:54
Trance-Formationascension, awakening, conspiracy, humanity, new world order1:37:10
TreeStory: How One Tree Can Change Your Lifeecology, nature08:47
Tribe (Bruce Parry): Kombai Tribedocumentary, indigenous people, tribe59:50


Ungripdocumentary, freedom, off the grid1:11:12
Unity Is Strengthinspiration, motivation02:06
Unrepentant: Kevin Annett And Canada's Genocidehidden history, indigenous people, religion1:48:56
Uprising 20122012, awakening, conspiracy, empowerment, freedom, occupy, the shift07:26
Urban Permaculture Food Forest Gardenfarming, food, food forest, gardening, permaculture1:43:04
Unconditional Lovefeel good, love03:08
Unschooling In Austriachildren, education, freedom13:02


Vaccine Nation (Full Movie)children, documentary, health, vaccination1:29:41
Validationfeel good, inspiration16:24
Victoria Granteconomy, money06:43
Vipassana Meditationmeditation, oneness, spirituality1:20:30
Visualizing A Plenitude Economyeconomy, transition04:51


Walk Softly With Koafreedom, off the grid, plants, survival01:01:41
Warriors Without Weaponsinspiration, transition05:58
Water The Great Mysteryscience01:25:14
Wayne Dyer: Leukemia & John Of Godhealing, Lilou Mace, Wayne Dyer43:53
We Are All In This Togetheraffirmation03:43
We Are All Oneinspiration, native american, oneness09:54
We Have Created This - Let's Change Itawakening, oneness10:51
We The Tiny House Peopledocumentary, green housing, inspiration1:21:47
What A Wonderful Worldbeautiful, nature02:26
What Babies Wantchildren, humanity, matriarchy, spirituality1:04:10
What In The World Are They Spraying?conspiracy, documentary1:42:50
What Is Permaculture?ecovillage, permaculture38:43
What Is That?inspiration, love03:32
What Makes The World A Better Place?children, humour01:59
What Makes You Happy ?feel good, humanity05:17
What On Earth Is Going On2012, awakening44:49
What The Bleep Do We Know ?!movies, science01:48:23
When I Die: Philip Goulddeath, inspiration08:51
when I Grow Upchildren, inspiration, love01:10
When We Grow...This Is What We Can Dodocumentary, environment, plants49:40
Who Are You...Really?oneness, spirituality, wisdom09:36
Who's Your Favourite?children, humour01:50
Why I Dancedance, inspiration07:39
Why In The World Are They Spraying?conspiracy, hidden secrets, new world order1:12:55
Wild Europe (BBC)earth, history, humanity, nature3:15:40
Will Allen: Pioneering Urban Farmerfarming, food, permaculture06:17
Will Smith Shares His Secrets Of Successinspiration, motivation09:57
Within Reach Submissionecovillage, the new earth03:14
Witness: Green And The Death Of The Forestsanimals, causes, ecology, economy, environment, food, nature47:15


You Are Lovedinspiration, love, motivation03:41
Young Greeks Create Rural Communityecovillage, off the grid, self sufficiency, transition03:05
You're Perfectinspiration02:01
You've Felt It Your Entire Lifeawakening, freedom, inspiration02:26


Zaytuna Farm Tourinspiration, nature, permaculture, plants41:48


2011: Year Of Illumination2012, awakening14:48
2012: A Message Of Hope2012, awakening, the shift25:13
2012: The Revolution Has Begun2012, awakening, the shift16:50
2012 The Mayan Word2012, corperatism, documentary, indigenous people, spirituality, transition1:04:12
300 Year Old Food Forestfood forest, permaculture05:56
365 Grateful Projectgratitude, inspiration03:48
3D Printingideas worth spreading, technology22:18
500 Nations: The Story Of Native Americansindigenous people, native american6:14:37
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory9/11, conspiracy04:56
97% Owned: Monetary Reform Documentarycorperatism, economy, money2:17:30
99 Balloonslove06:11
9th Wave Shift 11:11:112012, awakening, Drunvalo Melchizedek, the shift14:59

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